Published on 15 oktober 2021

Aging of the labor market: consequences and solutions

Aging of the labor market: consequences and solutions

The Dutch population is aging and that has consequences for the labor market. The average age of the population rose in 30 years from 31 to 42 years. The average age of the working population is also currently 42 years and this will only continue to rise in the coming years. (CBS)


8 out of 10 employers indicate that they are concerned about the consequences of the aging population on the labor market. This is not entirely unjustified, because the aging population brings with it several challenges.

The aging population is causing tightness on the labor market because a large part of the working population will retire in the short term. The Central Planning Bureau calls it a challenge for companies to attract enough qualified employees and the self-employed.

Absenteeism costs will increase. As employees get older, they are absent more often and longer.

A career will look different. The working population will have to work longer. In 2016, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment announced that the state pension age from 2022 will be 67 years and 3 months. In addition, the labor force is needed more than ever. Because we are less able to handle heavy work as we get older, we will have to retrain more often for less intensive functions later in life.


There are various solutions to limit the consequences of aging on the labor market as much as possible:

More expats to close the gap in the labor force. By using employees from abroad, we can increase the working population.

Using students. By employing young people in the business world during their studies, the working population is increased. Employing students offers companies several advantages. They can scale up flexibly and retain students, even before they enter the labor market.

Deploy students flexibly

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