Published on 22 november 2021

Team trip 2021 to Barcelona

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Until a week before departure, it was a surprise where the team outing would go. Last month, Team GetJobsDone went on a team trip to… Barcelona! We did this together with Stal Creative Agency and Signploeg who are located in the same building. It was two days of enjoying the sun, tapas and cervezas.

Who is the mole?

In addition to drinking the many cervezas and eating tapas, we played the final games of 'who is the mole?'. Months before we went on a team weekend, a mole was chosen, we played games and received hints. In the end it turned out to be none other than our own colleague Joost de Mol.


Of course we took a look at the sights such as the Sagrada Familia, Ramblas and Casa Batlló. We did this in the form of an assignment; visit the sights by bike and take a photo with your team. On Saturday morning we visited Park Guëll. However, this visit was short-lived, due to the hangovers present… Then lie on the beach!

Do you also want to join us on a team weekend or one of our other fun outings next year?

Fortunately, we still have the photos… Watch the aftermovie of Barcelona 2021!