Published on 17 januari 2023

Unburden your staff by using students

Unburden your staff by using students

Nowadays, more and more employees suffer from excessive work pressure. Many employees have to do many different tasks at the same time and often carry a high level of responsibility. For example, few employees dare to say 'no' to taking on tasks. This can lead to a lot of work stress and burnout. It is therefore important to support employees as much as possible, so that high work pressure is prevented.

Why do employees suffer from a high workload?

Research by TNO shows that 1.3 million people suffer from burnout symptoms due to excessive work pressure. As a result of this work stress, employees miss 11 million working days annually. This now costs employers 2.8 billion euros. This leads to major social and economic consequences. It is imperative that action is taken on this. It is important to first determine why employees suffer from a high workload.

There are many different causes of a high workload. See the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment for more examples of the occurrence of a high workload. The most common causes are:

  • You get little time to properly perform and complete a task or assignment.

  • You have high responsibilities.

  • Tasks do not match your level of education or experience.

How do you reduce the workload of your staff?

A high workload is often caused by high job demands. An employee cannot meet these requirements, for example due to lack of time or experience. According to the TNO, to reduce this workload of an employee, it is important that work stress is tackled on both sides. You do this by reducing the workload and increasing employee resilience.

It is important that employees are burdened as little as possible. Talk to employees in good time to make any problems known. It is also important that employees do not bear too high a responsibility for a task or assignment. Divide the tasks among different employees, so that the workload is less high.

It is also important to increase employee resilience. Resilient people can focus better and have a lot of perseverance. This is because they perform meaningful work and have clear tasks. Employees need to feel that they are important to the company and that their work is meaningful. When an employee has a passion for his work, he is also better able to deal with work pressure or possible changes.

How does GetJobsDone help reduce workload?

A company can use students to reduce the workload. This way, students can help in performing various tasks and assignments. Students are aware of the latest techniques. They look at a company's assignments with a fresh eye. Through their studies, students already have a great deal of knowledge of the profession and often come up with many good ideas. They put acquired knowledge into practice. A company that uses students for support is progressive and relieves the workload of its employees. By having students perform smaller tasks, the employee can fully focus on the bigger jobs. Here are the most common assignments that companies post to get help from students:

  • Social media management/support

  • Content creation for the website, for example

  • Promote/sell product

  • Customer contact support

  • Administration

  • Social media management

When the company's marketer is very busy, he or she may not have time to keep up with social media. Let a marketing student do this. Students spend a lot of time on social media and are aware of the latest trends and developments. They can also use the learned marketing skills to maintain or improve your company's social media.

Content creation

A lot of time goes into creating content. There are many students who are busy developing content within the program or who already have a lot of experience in creating content. So leave the content creation to a student, so that an employee can focus on other things.

Promote and sell product

There are a lot of students with a smooth chat. They are often good at selling your product. Do you have an event or something else where you need people to sell your product? Use students to do this for your company.

Customer contact support

You bind customers through good customer satisfaction. It is therefore important that customer contact goes well. When employees of your company are very busy, this often affects the quality of customer contact. So let students help ensure that customer contact runs smoothly.

Administrative work

For example, students can send and check invoices, which saves a lot of work for an administrative assistant. Using students is a win-win situation. Students learn a lot by carrying out assignments for a company, but companies also learn a lot from them through the fresh perspective of students. So what are you waiting for? Start employing students for your company now via GetJobsDone!

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