Jennifer Delano: ''The student came up with a surprising angle''

Published on 30 september 2021

Jennifer Delano: ''The student came up with a surprising angle''

Jennifer Delano has her own PR agency and has recently been allowed to call herself an SME company. Since the emergence of corona, Jennifer decided to focus on the IT industry and experienced tremendous growth as a result. Now that she spends most of her time in sales, she has hired staff and finds enthusiastic students on GetJobsDone.

Immediately enthusiastic

GetJobsDone contacted Jennifer for a PR assignment. Jennifer loved the idea behind the platform and decided to use it right away. It also worked out well, because now that she is busier, she can use a few extra hands. Jennifer: ''I was once inspired by a tile that read 'don't do tomorrow, what you can have someone else do today.'' Under that guise, Jennifer was one of the first companies to place an assignment on the platform. Several assignments have now passed; from communication and marketing questions to expanding press lists.

Motivated students

Jennifer uses the same student more often for assignments. The contact goes smoothly and the student does a good job. The big difference, according to Jennifer, is that she doesn't hire anyone specifically to do the work. "You don't ask anyone to do it. These students themselves choose whether or not to carry out the assignment and are therefore a lot more motivated. Moreover, there is no expensive hour counter running and I'm not even talking about the selection round that precedes choosing a freelancer.

Working remotely

The students who carry out PR assignments for Delano work from home. Jennifer is a big supporter of remote working: “It has become clear since corona that it works. It is about giving clear instructions and trust; if you give it, you will also get it back.'' And that is also apparent from the work delivered by the students. For example, she placed an assignment for a fire manifesto, in which a first-year student came up with an interesting angle that she would not have come up with so quickly.


Jennifer finds working with students surprising, but also a lot more honest via GetJobsDone. “Through the employment agency, the costs are 2.5 times over. While the student is doing the work. Now the student gets the full amount, which is fairer and cheaper.'' Engaging students is a way for Jennifer to scale up flexible staff without hiring them. A super accessible way, because you do not actually become an employer.

Win win

It's an absolute win-win situation. The students learn PR while working for Delano and she flexibly scales up her staff without hiring them. ' ' A lot of self-employed people can be happy with this. It is super accessible, because you do not actually become an employer.

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