Flowers at the door: "You are your own boss and learn more about entrepreneurship, sales and commercial thinking"

Published on 23 februari 2023

Flowers at the door: "You are your own boss and learn more about entrepreneurship, sales and commercial thinking"

Selling flowers and at the same time learning more about entrepreneurship, sales and commercial thinking. This is possible at Bloemen Aan De Door! Curious about what they do and how they experience the collaboration with GetJobsDone? Then read on quickly!

What is 'Flowers at the Door'?

As the name says, you sell flowers at the door. During this well-paid course you are actually your own boss and you learn more about entrepreneurship, sales and commercial thinking. The company 'Bloemen Aan De Deur' buys flowers and bouquets that are delivered to the location of the employee. He or she then sells the flowers and bouquets at the door in their own flower district. And the great thing is, the profit (proceeds from the flowers minus the purchasing costs) is entirely for the employee. In short, 'Bloemen Aan De Deur' arranges the flowers and transport, the employee arranges customers in their flower district and earns good money.

How was the company founded?

The founders of 'Bloemen Aan De Deur' are: Helmuth Jongkind, Quinn Cordes and Jeroen Makel. They each have their own specialism and experience in the field of flowers, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Jeroen is a marketer and therefore knows exactly how to best sell your products. Quinn has been selling flowers at the door for years and knows better than anyone how to set up, expand and maintain a successful flower district. Helmuth has been working at the flower auction for decades with his own flower company and is our expert in the field of flowers and bouquets and ensures top quality every week. They came into contact with each other and came up with the business idea together and are now happy to share their expertise with young entrepreneurs.

What challenges are there?

Finding good sellers is currently very difficult. The market is so overheated and there are job opportunities almost everywhere. Bloemen Aan De Deur is a completely different concept than a job at the supermarket. So it requires thinking differently. However, the flexibility and the learning opportunity is very large.

Many people also see this job as taking a risk and are afraid that they will not sell the flowers. However, this risk is minimal. Good preparation is half the job. First of all, it is important that you carefully read all the tips and tricks on the website. Secondly, it is important that you gain the trust of your customers. You do this by, for example, giving them a discount the first time or by having them pay afterwards. Finally, you can of course also visit us with photos of the bouquets and pre-sale the bouquets. That way you avoid the risk altogether.

How do you experience the collaboration with GetJobsDone?

“We had heard many good stories about GetJobsDone and decided to start a collaboration. The initial start-up costs were not high and we were very curious because of the good references. We are very happy with our choice, because we are very enthusiastic about the contact and the service.”

“By partnering with GetJobsDone, we hope to expand our reach and realize more salespeople. GetJobsDone always thinks along and they know what they are talking about. They always deliver good content and we are therefore confident that it will work out. “

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