Published on 20 april 2020

GetJobsDone in Top 50 of the Blue Tulip Awards

GetJobsDone in Top 50 of the Blue Tulip Awards

GetJobsDone is a platform where students can carry out assignments for companies without obligation. With this they want to put an end to money problems among students. In addition, they want to help students build a powerful resume by increasing their work experience and relevant connections."

The GetJobsDone platform also offers many advantages for companies. Companies can place all kinds of assignments and have them carried out by a self-selected student. This saves companies up to 30% in costs and puts them in direct contact with potential employees.

As a nominated participant of the Awards, we go through various rounds in which we explain our platform and come into contact with fellow candidates and theme experts. From the 50 innovators, a selection is made of a top 20, of which 5 finalists ultimately remain.

We are proud to have been nominated! We look forward to this competition to gain new experiences and connect with fellow innovators.

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