Published on 01 november 2020

GetJobsDone: a unique platform for students and companies

GetJobsDone: a unique platform for students and companies

GetJobsDone is the first platform where students can easily and quickly earn money by doing work for companies. Students want to earn some extra money quickly and easily without being bound by contractual obligations.

Companies often have chores that no one can find the time, desire or money for. The win-win solution; GetJobsDone. We bring companies and students together to get the job done!

From cleaning to market research

Companies can place all kinds of assignments on the platform. This way there is always a suitable job for students! Examples of assignments on the platform are:

  • Dropping off and picking up cars

  • Cleaning the business premises

  • Conduct surveys

  • Photography for the new website

  • Conducting market research

  • Updating the trip administration

  • Building/updating the website

Almost every assignment is welcome on our platform!

The benefits for students

  • Performing work through GetJobsDone offers several benefits.

  • You work when you want, because you choose the assignment you want

  • At GetJobsDone you get paid within 3 days! So you never have to wait long for your money. So are you a little strapped for cash at the end of the month? Grab that job!

  • You build a business network. You build a network by carrying out assignments at different companies. Maybe your future employer is among those companies. Moreover, you can gain relevant work experience when performing the assignments and give your CV a boost!

  • Can't wait to get started? Register here for free as a student and get the job done!

The benefits for companies

  • GetJobsDone really is a win-win situation. Students earn some extra money, but this also has many advantages for companies.

  • As a company you can probably use some extra hands for tasks that you don't have time for yourself. This way you can focus on what you are good at! For example, if a thick stack of administration remains on the desk. Why not let a suitable student of GetJobsDone run it?

  • GetJobsDone offers companies an inexpensive solution. Students are simply a lot cheaper than permanent staff or temporary workers.

  • Students are the experts of the future. Through the platform you come into contact with students and perhaps your potential employees are among them!

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of GetJobsDone? Register as a company on our platform for free!