Published on 31 augustus 2021

GetJobsDone visits introduction weeks in student cities

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GetJobsDone visits introduction weeks in student cities

Many colleges and universities organize introduction weeks in August. These weeks are all about introducing the new student to different aspects of student life. Think of fellow students, campus and associations, but also side jobs for students are discussed. For GetJobsDone the perfect opportunity to introduce the new students to the new way of earning extra money for students.

"Een neut for een feut"

We set out in the last week of August with a Volkswagen van filled with cold drinks. The first stop was Tilburg, where we were at the TOP WEEK 013 fair. Here we handed out flyers and told the students about our platform while enjoying a cold drink. Successfully! On the first day, 631 university students applied.


The new way to earn extra money for students

During the introduction week we wanted to make the students aware that working and studying can go well together! By being able to earn extra money via GetJobsDone, the students themselves determine when they carry out assignments. A busy period around exams? No employer that requires you to come and work!

In addition, we want to motivate students to gain work experience in their field of study right from the start of their studies. This way they build a strong CV, which gives them an advantage as soon as they enter the job market. In addition, students find out more quickly whether the study actually suits them or which specialization they want to do.

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