Fenna Zandvliet: ''I want students to experience that working is fun''

Published on 30 november 2021

 Fenna Zandvliet: ''I want students to experience that working is fun''

Fenna Zandvliet is the founder of Fendorse, with which she helps B2B companies with lead generation and content marketing. She is also co-owner of data company 'Companies on the Map'. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Fenna is also involved with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, as an examiner of the 'Global Sales and Marketing' course. Fenna tells more about how she uses GetJobsDone to work with students without huge administrative burdens.

About Fendorse

Fendorse supports B2B companies across the country in improving their sales and marketing processes. She uses two disciplines for this; content marketing and lead generation. They realize sales agreements for customers through the use of Linkedin, email and calling. In addition, the team supports with social webcare and good substantive content to strengthen the lead generation activities. According to Fenna, all visible points should take the reader into the decision-making process. ''If you proactively activate the market, the potential lead will always do research online. We ensure that all channels are correct and that the reader is involved.''

Flexible shell

Fenna started her company over 4 years ago and now has 10 permanent employees. In addition, she has a permanent flexible layer and she deploys students via GetJobsDone. ''When we don't have enough capacity, I like to involve students. In this way we continue to offer our customers the service and speed they have come to expect from us. The great thing about students is that they act quickly. I now know that if I place an order, the briefing must already be completed. They usually deliver the work the same day.”


The quality that the student delivers is in your own hands, says Fenna: ''There are enough qualified students among them and you can often tell from their motivation whether they are suitable for the job. A comment such as 'I did something with Wordpress during an internship' is not enough. In general, I check whether the student has an HBO or WO level of thinking. I can usually estimate the level of the student on the basis of a CV and motivation and an introductory meeting.''


For Fenna it is natural to work with students. In addition to deploying trainees in Fendorse, she is also involved with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as an external examiner of graduation projects. As an expert from the business world, she assesses whether students are ready for the labor market. In addition, trainees regularly participate in Fendorse's business operations. Fenna: ''Sometimes an intern sticks around for a while after his/her studies. I always really like that. Young people are quicker to understand and see change as a challenge. That works very nicely.”

Learning school

Fendorse is a good learning school for students. Fenna allows the students to make mistakes: ''Making a mistake has no consequences. You just have to solve the mistake yourself in order to learn from it and look for the solution in yourself instead of the other person or the circumstances. It is only 'wrong' if you do the same thing the next time and then expect a different outcome. I give students a lot of freedom so that they learn to find their own way. Not everyone is good at that.”

Working is fun

In addition to the fact that Fenna would like to teach students something, she also wants them to experience the fun of working. 'Working is fun! Do as many things as possible and try out as much as possible. This is how you find out what doesn't suit you. Fortunately, we don't know everything in advance.'' On GetJobsDone, students can choose their own jobs and thus gain broad work experience.

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