Published on 12 april 2022

Eén uur voor de toekomst: ''a network for every young person''

Eén uur voor de toekomst: ''a network for every young person''

On the GetJobsDone assignments page, One Hour From The Future is not to be missed. The innovative platform helps students in their exploratory phase or when they get stuck in this. They also work with students in various areas within the organization: from research to sales. Partly for this reason, One Hour for the Future is not only a platform for students, but also by students.

Social renewal

Ellis Meenks has been involved in social innovation for about 20 years. Together with Martijn de Wildt, she founded the social initiatives Unlimited Thinkers and Work & Informal Care from Qidos. Last year, One Hour for the Future was added. A platform that brings young people and professionals into contact with each other with the aim of introducing young people to different professions and thus helping and inspiring them.

The platform

At One Hour for the Future, pupils and students can easily get in touch with all kinds of professions. Practitioners can volunteer their time to talk about their work. Students can look for a professional they would like to speak to. It is easy for students to contact a professional via the platform and it is easier for students to contact them themselves via, for example, LinkedIn.

Little room for discovery in education

Many secondary school students do not really know what they want, but are faced with the choice of a subject package and further study. Ellis herself also found out that too little attention is paid to this when one of her daughters got stuck in secondary education. “That makes you think. You realize that there is little room in education for discovering your motives. Students need to be facilitated much better to discover what they want now and later.'' Because of this own experience in combination with one of the themes of Qidos, 'space for talent', a new initiative was quickly born.

Broad career orientation

Even after secondary education, students are still faced with difficult decisions. At some point during your studies you will have to think about a minor, master's or career choice. To orientate their careers, students can talk to professionals from different professions at One Hour From the Future. But perhaps even more instructive: they can also search by their education to find out what kind of profession people have pursued after their studies. In fact, with One Hour for the Future, every young person has a network!

A platform by students

One Hour Ahead works with students by posting assignments on GetJobsDone. ''We would like to be an organization for students, but especially by students. We create as many work experience positions as possible within the organization. Students are currently working on sales, social media and needs research among students. The intensive use of GetJobsDone is in line with the idea behind our platform.”

Are you a student or professional?

Do you want to know more or talk about a profession? Register as a student or professional at One Hour for the Future. The range of professionals is already very diverse, but this can always be expanded, for an even broader orientation of students. As a company you can also become a supporter of the future. For example, to highlight a specific position or to show what it is like to work within the organization.

Are you curious about how you can also use students in your organization?

Do you already want to make contact with students and have them cooperate (without obligation) within your organization? Schedule a demo with GetJobsDone.