Edel Collections: collecting is worldly

Published on 29 oktober 2021

Edel Collections: collecting is worldly

It is the new generation's turn at family business Edel Collecties. As pioneers in the business, they are progressive and working towards becoming the largest in Europe. Speaking are board member Wouter De Boer and online marketer Marnix Matthijssen.

From holiday worker to board member

Wouter de Boer started 20 years ago as a holiday worker. During his studies he continued to work there part-time and Wouter is now part of the management and responsible for the day-to-day management. He is in the strategic field, such as following the online developments and the associated marketing solutions.

Online developments

Online marketer Marnix Matthijssen comes into play with these online developments. He has followed the online developments by focusing on social media marketing. The focus is on creating new collectors. Marnix Matthijssen: "By being able to offer popular themes, such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, we are preparing the world for a new generation of collectors."

We create collectors

"We create collectors" is the mission with which Marnix Matthijssen and his online team are constantly looking for new collectors. Thanks to our officially licensed collections, we can reach very large groups of young collectors who are pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the collections. These “die hard” enthusiasts can be easily reached via social media.

The power of social media

Edel Collecties started investing in the online infrastructure in good time. Wouter De Boer: ''People will always keep collecting. Only reaching and maintaining relationships will increasingly take place online. The previously made switch to social media has therefore been a good one. Marnix and his team always know how to convert our online needs perfectly into successful campaigns.”

For example, Marnix set up a great campaign during the European Football Championship: “Denmark played a historic tournament. I was curious if we could also offer the official UEFA EURO 2020 Commemorative Coin in Denmark. A short-lived experiment, but it did yield a nice result.'' For this campaign, he engaged a student via GetJobsDone. ''We needed someone who could translate the texts into Danish. A boy who has lived in Denmark for 7 years responded. GetJobsDone is ideal for these smaller campaigns. It had to be done quickly and well. And GetJobsDone can deliver that quality and speed.”

Young talent

At Edel Collections they like to work with young talent. “We work a lot with students. The flexibility is attractive to us, because we also work in the evenings," says Wouter.

In addition to various translation assignments into French, German and Danish, Edel Collecties also regularly places assignments on GetJobsDone for the sales and packaging department. Also post an assignment on GetJobsDone and find a student that suits you.