Published on 13 oktober 2021

Arjan van Reenen: ''As an employer, this is everything you are looking for''

Arjan van Reenen: ''As an employer, this is everything you are looking for''

Arjan van Reenen, co-owner of Do it selfie, offers photobooth concepts for locations such as restaurants and museums with his company. In a rapidly changing market, they were forced to be creative and Do it selfie switched to the virtual photobooth. This new idea that arose in times of corona also brought about changes in the work. He now outsources the periodic activities to students on GetJobsDone.

Additional revenue model

With the photobooth concepts, Do it offers selfie locations and catering establishments an extra revenue model and more engagement with visitors. By means of a QR code, visitors can take a photo, which is shown on a screen in the catering business and they can share it themselves on their social media. For a small fee, the guest can also have the photo printed on site as a nice polaroid. Arjan: “As a company you quickly tend to convince yourself of how nice it is at your business or location. It is much more powerful when your own audience says that about you.”

No continuous work

For a year now, Do it Selfie has switched to the virtual version of the photobooth. This also brought about changes in the work. Arjan: “We have almost no activities that are constantly needed. We first went on GetJobsDone to look for someone for sales. He started calling catering establishments based on a list. This list had to be compiled and I also deployed a student for this by placing an assignment on GetJobsDone. The catering establishments that are connected by the sale receive a box that belongs to the photobooth. I have also outsourced the delivery of these cabinets to a student.”

Entire flow outsourced

Arjan has now outsourced the entire flow from data collection to sales to delivery on GetJobsDone. “These are often really shorter assignments than a full-fledged job. Ideal for a student because they can decide for themselves when they do this. I indicate on Monday that I want it for Friday. I don't care when they do it. In addition, the calculation is quickly made to do it via GetJobsDone. I once deployed someone through an employment agency, but that amount is at least 2.5 times higher. Freelancers also quickly ask for 40 to 50 euros per hour and are often overqualified.”

Clear description

Arjan has experienced that a clear assignment description is key for successful execution and for more registrations. Clearly indicate what you expect and how much time it will take the student. Then little can go wrong and moreover there will be more registrations for the assignment. When a student registers, I mainly look at their motivation. You can often determine from this whether the student understands the assignment.”

Solution for employers

Arjan understands that students want to work for him: “You see that there are students who have knowledge and really want to do something with it. But you don't feel like entering into a long-term contract. At least not from the employers' side, but I also think that students don't feel like it right away. The student earns a nice extra with an assignment, but is not directly tied to the expectations of the employer. As an employer, this is everything you are looking for, because sometimes you just want to be able to transfer a small fee for work done.

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