Published on 07 oktober 2021

64% of students experience money problems

64% of students experience money problems

Since the abolition of the basic grant in 2015, the number of students borrowing money has tripled. 70% of all HBO students borrow money from DUO. Of these, three-quarters are very concerned about this loan.

Borrowing money is necessary

For many students, borrowing money is necessary to make ends meet. 21% of the students find it very difficult to make ends meet every month and another 43% indicate that it is not difficult to make ends meet, but that they have nothing left either. On average, students borrow 700 euros per month. They need this amount for high study costs and (often) high fixed costs in combination with limited income. Working alongside their studies is necessary for most students, but the obligations of a permanent job alongside their studies cause extra stress for 56% of the students.

Negative effects

Besides the fact that the money problems cause the students a lot of stress and worry, it also has negative effects on their studies. For example, students miss lectures, do not purchase all textbooks and in some cases they even stop their studies due to financial pressure. The students with money problems also do not participate in study trips or other social events, which creates social pressure and isolation.

Corona crisis

Students earn an average of 550 euros per month. Many students work in the hospitality industry on a zero-hours contract or on-call basis. Due to the corona crisis, this income has been completely lost for many students. As a result, students have started to borrow more to make ends meet.

Working and studying

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