About us

GetJobsDone is a fast-growing start-up with a clear vision: no silent poverty among Dutch students.

80% of Dutch students experience stress about money. And we want to do something about that! Because studying should be fun and accessible to everyone. In addition, there is a shortage on the labor market, which will only increase in the coming years. So companies could use extra hands and who would be better suited than the specialists of the future?

We create a win-win situation by bringing both target groups together on one platform. Companies place study-oriented assignments with which they can relieve their own staff or outsource work. Students complete the assignments and earn money while gaining study-oriented work experience.



GetJobsDone strives to allow students to work anywhere, when it suits them. In this way, it should be possible for every student to combine work and study well. As a result, they do not run into financial problems and they gain relevant work experience even before they enter the labor market.


Enabling students with relevant work experience to enter the labor market prepared.


Our team

Our team consists of a growing team of ambitious young people. We like hard work and fun. Meet our colleagues!

Do you want to become part of our fun team? Read more about our company culture and view open vacancies.