Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Definitions

In these general terms of use the following definitions apply:

1.1 General terms and conditions: the provisions stated below that apply to all legal relationships between users and GetJobsDone B.V.

1.2 Getjobsdone: GetJobsDone B.V., established in Amersfoort, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 80001270.

1.3 User: the person who can use the services offered by Getjobsdone by registering on the Getjobsdone platform.

1.4 Platform: The digital protected environment of Getjobsdone, which is used by users (clients and contractors) to manage internal tasks or manage collaborations between contractors and clients.

1.5 Personal account: the personal area protected on the platform for the benefit of the user.

1.6 Agreement: A written assignment agreement between the users of Getjobsdone, which is aimed at the provision of services by a contractor for a client.

1.7 Clients: Affiliated companies and/or organizations that can place assignments within the platform and have the opportunity to contact users who match the profiles or assignments suitable for them.

1.8 Contractor: A user who has responded to an assignment from a client and carries it out for the client.

1.9 Professionals: Affiliated users who can become contractors. For example, this could be freelancers, entrepreneurs for VAT purposes, private individuals, students and self-employed persons without employees.

1.10 Data: All profiles, personal data, texts, information, images, images, sound material, payment details, assignments, links, etc. placed on the Getjobsdone website and platform, in the broadest sense of the word, regardless of who placed them.

1.11 Subscriptions: A monthly payment from the companies to Getjobsdone for the use of the platform and additional services.

1.12 Placement fee: A payment of a percentage per order from the companies to Getjobsdone for the purpose of placing an order. Basically, this is not charged and is included in the subscription.

Article 2 Applicability of general terms and conditions

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all (legal) relationships between users and Getjobsdone and all use and/or access of both the website and the (personal) platform of Getjobsdone.

2.2 By using the services of the Getjobsdone platform and/or website, in any way, the user accepts to be bound by the general terms and conditions.

2.3 These general terms and conditions may be amended by Getjobsdone at any time. In that case, the user will be informed of the amended general terms and conditions via the Getjobsdone platform or by e-mail. If the user continues to use the platform after the general terms and conditions have been amended, the user is deemed to have accepted the new general terms and conditions.

2.4 The applicable general terms and conditions of use can be viewed at any time on the Getjobsdone platform.

Article 3 Getjobsdone

The Getjobsdone website is a digital platform that a user can use and within which the user can profile himself, purchase services from Getjobsdone and come into contact with other users and/or companies. In this way, users can discover their profile, develop themselves using various tools and content, such as assignments, and get in touch with companies and/or other users.

Article 4 Privacy

For the registration and processing of the personal data provided by the user, reference is made to the privacy policy as published on the website. The privacy policy is an integral part of the general terms and conditions. Getjobsdone's services comply with legislation regarding the protection of personal data, including in any case the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Article 5 Online platform

5.1 The personal environment within Getjobsdone belongs to the private section of the website. Within the Getjobsdone account, contractors can develop themselves by doing assignments, among other things. Users are never obliged to accept assignments and the like, nor is Getjobsdone obliged to offer this.

5.2 Without prejudice to the foregoing, Getjobsdone assumes that the user makes an effort to participate in organized activities within the platform. In addition, Getjobsdone assumes that contractors and clients wish to be kept informed of activities organized by Getjobsdone and the offers of affiliated companies/users.

Article 6 The assignments

6.1 In addition to the aforementioned services, companies can draw up and place orders. These assignments are solved and/or carried out by the contractors.

6.2 A company pays Getjobsdone for the aforementioned service offered a placement fee to be determined, which consists of a percentage of the order value plus €1 partner fee. Payments for the placement fee are made by direct debit.

6.3 A company pays Getjobsdone a monthly subscription for the aforementioned service in addition to the placement fee. There are different types of subscriptions with different prices. Payments for subscriptions are in principle made by direct debit.

6.4 Prior to the start of the assignment, the financial agreements are discussed and recorded, as far as can be foreseen at that time. The financial compensation is displayed in advance on the platform with the order.

6.5 Getjobsdone has the right to change the placement fee rate or subscription rate it applies.

6.6. The contractors are paid a fee known in advance for carrying out the assignments. The amounts to be paid are known in advance and are displayed with each order. After completing an assignment, the money will be paid by the company by direct debit, iDeal or SEPA payment. A third party from Getjobsdone will ensure that this payment is directly credited to the contractor. Getjobsdone does not manage ownership of this money. In this way, contractors can earn money by doing assignments. It should be noted that if a contractor achieves zero stars, the contractor has not carried out the assignment or has not carried it out properly. As a result, the contractor will not be paid unless the contractor can demonstrate that the contractor should be given a higher rating. The amount of the review is determined by the client, Getjobsdone is not responsible for this.

6.7 Where possible, the contractor indicates how many hours they have worked for the client after completing the assignment. The client then has the option to approve or change these hours. Based on the information provided, a payment will be automatically generated which must be paid by the companies.

6.8 In accordance with the provisions of Article 15 (intellectual property rights), the contractor is not entitled to any intellectual property rights relating to the solutions for assignments proposed by the contractor.

6.9 The financial reward will only be paid to the contractor when the companies have left a review on the platform about the contractor's work. If no review is done, it is possible to have the assignment paid out automatically after 14 days after the end date if the company has made the payments. Getjobsdone is not responsible for the posting or speed of posting a review.

6.10 For the purpose of paying out the orders, the third party that handles the payments for Getjobsdone requires at least the following information, namely full first and last names, date of birth, IBAN number, bank account number and address. If the contractor wants to be paid, they must fill in the aforementioned information with the third party that handles the payments. The contractors themselves are entirely responsible for providing the correct information. The third party may request additional information where necessary so that payments can be completed in accordance with laws and regulations. Incorrect and/or incomplete provision of his/her data cannot be held against Getjobsdone. Getjobsdone is not liable for this at all.

6.11 Een bedrijf is gerechtigd om zelfstandig opdrachten te plaatsen. Indien een bedrijf zelfstandig een opdracht wenst te plaatsen is het noodzakelijk om in ieder geval een abonnement te hebben en waar nodig ook de servicefee te betalen.

6.12 Op de opdrachtnemer rust een inspanningsverplichting, in die zin dat zij verplicht zijn de opdracht naar beste geweten te doen, maken of oplossen. Dit om de kwaliteit te kunnen waarborgen.

6.13 Indien een opdrachtnemer niet komt opdagen vindt er geen betaling voor de opdrachtnemer plaats, niet op komen dagen of afzegging binnen 48 uur kan de opdrachtnemer verwijderd worden van het platform.

6.14 Indien een bedrijf niet de juiste opdrachtnemer kan vinden of niemand reageert op een opdracht is dit voor rekening van het betreffende bedrijf. Getjobsdone is niet genoodzaakt om het bedrijf te compenseren.

6.15 Het leveren van een hoogwaardig kwalitatief platform is een kernpunt van Getjobsdone.

6.16 Een bedrijf is bij het controleren van de opdracht verplicht dit te doen aan de hand van een in het platform geïntegreerd ratingsysteem, welke een sterrenrating toekent aan de geboden opdrachten.

6.17 Opdrachtnemers zijn zelf gehouden en geheel verantwoordelijk voor het juist en volledig opgeven van de genoten inkomsten. De opbrengsten die zijn genoten door het maken van opdrachten dienen te worden opgegeven bij het doen van belastingaangifte als inkomsten uit overig werk. Iedere aansprakelijkheid ten aanzien van Getjobsdone is uitgesloten.

Article 7 Task board

7.1 Users are responsible for using the task board correctly.

7.2 Users are responsible for adding users to the account.

7.3 Users are responsible for assigning specific roles in the platform and correctly exercising them. Getjobsdone is not liable if the restrictions for the different roles cannot be met.

Article 8 Payment

8.1 Payment for the assignment takes place via the infrastructure made available by Getjobsdone. When completing an assignment, the company pays the full assignment value plus €1 partner fee to Getjobsdone's third party. If no review has been posted within two weeks after the end date and payment of the assignment, Getjobsdone reserves the right to transfer payment to the contractor via the third party.

8.2 Getjobsdone makes every effort to have the money in the contractor's account within two working days after the payment has been released. However, Getjobsdone is dependent on the third party that Getjobsdone works with and it may take longer. If the payment takes longer and damage occurs as a result, Getjobsdone is excluded from any liability.

8.3 To facilitate payments, Getjobsdone works together with OnlinePaymentPlatform. Getjobsdone users are also aware of this and consent to Getjobsdone sharing data with the payment provider and vice versa. A third party account is used for this purpose.

8.4 The wallet in which the credit was uploaded in 2021 so that a company is entitled to place assignments on Getjobsdone is solely intended as a placement fee or to pay subscription costs. The contractor cannot be paid from the wallet. Any refund of the credit in the wallet is not possible, therefore it cannot be considered a claim against Getjobsdone.

8.5 The partner fee of €1 that is paid for each transaction is intended to cover the transaction and administration costs. This partner fee is mandatory from our payment partner OnlinePaymentPlatform.

8.6 The subscription is tacitly renewed monthly.

8.7 The subscription can be paused in the user's environment. The user must do this himself. Getjobsdone generally does not pause subscriptions, this is the user's responsibility.

8.8 The prices of the subscription may be changed without notice in informative emails, as can the conditions of the subscription.

Article 9 Refund policy

9.1 Getjobsdone has a no-refund policy for payments made to Getjobsdone. This includes payments for a subscription, placement fee or topping up credit.

9.2 Payments transferred from a client to a contractor are essentially non-refundable as soon as the payment is no longer in the third party account of Getjobsdone's payment partner.

9.3 Payments that have been completed by the client, intended for the contractor, and are still in the third party account are refundable if a zero star review is placed by the client.

Article 10 Age limit for users

The Getjobsdone personal platform is not intended for persons under the age of 16, unless permission is granted by the legal representatives. When the user registers, the user declares that he is 16 years or older and has received permission from his/her legal representatives. Getjobsdone has no obligation to check this and is excluded from any liability.

Article 11 Right of Use Users

11.1 Any use of the website and/or platform, the data placed on it and/or the data provided by the Getjobsdone website and/or platform is at the user's own expense and risk.

11.2 The user will act and behave as may be expected of a careful and responsible internet user.

11.3 The user is obliged to comply with all applicable (privacy) laws and regulations, as well as these general terms and conditions of use and the other conditions set by Getjobsdone.

Article 12 Unlawful use of website

12.1 The user is not permitted to use the website and/or platform and the data placed on it for any purpose other than those described in these general terms and conditions. This means, among other things, that the user must comply with the following provisions.

12.2 It is prohibited for users to use the Getjobsdone website and/or platform to post commercial messages and/or messages aimed at reaching large groups of people unless this has been approved by an employee of Getjobsdone.

12.3 In addition, the user is not permitted to edit, reproduce, multiply, distribute, collect or publish the website and/or platform, the data placed on it and/or the data provided by the website and/or platform. , unless information on or functionality of the website shows that this is permitted.

12.4 Furthermore, the user is not permitted to disrupt (the use of) the website and/or platform, or to use the website and/or platform for:

12.4.1 placing, reproducing, distributing or making public in any way data and information to which he is not authorized, to which third parties might object, or which infringes any (intellectual property) right;

12.4.2 placing, reproducing, distributing or making public in any way data and information, the content of which may be considered contrary to public morals, at the discretion of Getjobsdone;

12.4.3 posting, duplicating, distributing or making public in any way data and information that is not based on the truth, at the discretion of Getjobsdone;

12.4.4 illegal matters and/or purposes.

12.5 Finally, the user is not permitted to hinder other users of the website and/or platform from using the website and/or platform, or (the website and/or platform of) Getjobsdone, its users and/or harm third parties. This includes, among other things:

12.5.1 violating the safety or security of (the website and/or platform of)

Getjobsdone, or making attempts to do so, in the broadest sense of the word;

12.5.2 changing, deleting or rendering unusable data placed on the website and/or platform, in the broadest sense of the word;

12.5.3 Gaining access to data that is not intended for him;

12.5.4 Logging into an account to which the user is not authorized;

12.5.5 Copying or in any way adapting or changing the information provided by Getjobsdone for the website and/or platform.

Article 13 Liability

13.1 Getjobsdone has created the website and the platform with the utmost care. Getjobsdone is not obliged to check the accuracy of data prior to posting it.

13.2 With regard to data originating from Getjobsdone itself, it comes from sources that can be regarded as reliable, but Getjobsdone cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this data. In addition, the data may be changed or deleted at any time without further notice.

13.3 Getjobsdone is never liable for the accuracy and/or completeness of (the content of) the website and/or platform and the data placed on it and/or data provided on the website and/or platform.

13.4 In order to use a Getjobsdone account, the user must set his or her own email address and password. Getjobsdone places certain security requirements on this password to ensure the security of users' accounts. The user is at all times responsible for keeping his own login details safe.

13.5 Getjobsdone is in no way liable for damage, costs, consequences and claims (including any claims from third parties and all associated damage, costs and consequences) that arise directly or indirectly from the use of the website and/or platform and / or the data received or published by or via the website and/or platform.

Article 14 Access to website and platform, malfunctions and interruptions

14.1 Getjobsdone cannot guarantee that the website and the platform are accessible at all times and without interruptions and/or malfunctions and is therefore not liable for any (indirect) damage suffered as a result of technical shortcomings, interruptions and/or malfunctions in the access to the website and platform.

14.2 Getjobsdone will endeavor to resolve any technical shortcomings, interruptions and/or malfunctions as quickly as possible.

14.3 If an interruption and/or malfunction is caused by attributable actions of a user or third party(s), all damage and/or consequences suffered as a result will be at the expense and risk of the user and/or third party(s). In this case, the damage will be recovered from the aforementioned person and/or persons.

14.4 Getjobsdone is entitled to temporarily or permanently decommission, limit and/or terminate (the use of) the website and/or platform without being liable in any way for any resulting damage.

14.5 Getjobsdone is entitled to delete users' accounts without having to provide a reason for doing so.

Article 15 Virus protection

Getjobsdone is not liable for any damage caused by possible viruses, worms, bots, Trojan horses, etc. if, despite the precautions taken by Getjobsdone, these appear on the website and/or platform and/or in the electronic means of communication used by it (such as newsletters). and information bulletins). Getjobsdone is also not liable if the website and/or platform is hacked or cracked, in the broadest sense of the word, as a result of which, for example, the website and/or platform is (temporarily) inaccessible, or the personal part of the platform of the user comes into the hands of third parties and/or is modified by third parties.

Article 16 Contacts and third parties

16.1 Getjobsdone tries to bring companies into contact with users using its website and/or platform. Getjobsdone cannot guarantee that these companies are authorized to conclude an agreement and/or enter into legal relationships. If and insofar as contact is established using the Getjobsdone website and/or services and this contact leads to any agreement and/or legal relationship between the user and (one or more) third party(s)/client(s), Getjobsdone never involved as a party.

16.2 Getjobsdone is in no way liable for any damage, costs and consequences arising from contacts between users and companies, and the agreements made and/or agreements concluded and/or legal relationships entered into between them. Not even when these contacts have been established based on actions carried out by Getjobsdone. In addition, Getjobsdone is never liable for the acts and/or omissions of its users and/or companies and/or third parties affiliated with it.

16.3 Users are not authorized to contact each other outside the platform without Getjobsdone's permission within one year after contact via Getjobsdone has been established. In particular, it is prohibited to enter into an employment relationship, payment or employment contract between both parties without involving Getjobsdone. If this is not complied with, Getjobsdone is entitled to collect an immediately payable fine of €2,000.

Article 17 Use (other) users

17.1 Getjobsdone makes every reasonable effort to protect the website and/or platform against unlawful use and abuse. However, Getjobsdone cannot guarantee that third parties (including its users) will not unlawfully use and/or misuse the website and/or platform (and the data placed on it) and is not liable in this regard.

17.2 In addition, Getjobsdone is in no way liable for non-compliance, incomplete or incorrect compliance with these general terms of use by its users, other conditions set by Getjobsdone and/or the applicable laws and regulations (including privacy legislation).

Article 18 Intellectual property law

18.1 All intellectual property rights that, in the broadest sense, relate to the services, the website and the platform belong to Getjobsdone and its affiliated companies.

18.2 It is not permitted to reproduce, distribute or make public the website and/or platform or parts of the website and/or platform in any way and in any way without the express, prior written permission of Getjobsdone. any form.

18.3 When using the Getjobsdone platform, new intellectual property rights may arise, for example rights associated with the solutions provided by young talents. By using the Getjobsdone platform, the user acknowledges that such intellectual property rights automatically belong to the company that placed the assignment(s) on the platform.

18.4 To the extent that the intellectual property rights referred to in the previous paragraph are vested in a user by operation of law, this user is obliged to transfer these rights to the company concerned and grants a power of attorney for this on first request. This transfer also includes all claims for fees, licenses or royalties or other personal rights and ancillary rights of any kind.

18.5 Voor zover een of meer rechten zoals hierboven bedoeld niet overdraagbaar zijn of niet rechtsgeldig overgedragen zijn krachtens bovenstaande, verleent de gebruiker aan het betrokken bedrijf een eeuwigdurende, onbeperkte, overdraagbare en exclusieve licentie tot exploitatie van het materiaal waarop de rechten van intellectuele eigendom rusten. Voorts zullen de gebruiker en het betrokken bedrijf alles in het werk stellen om alsnog een rechtsgeldige overdracht van deze rechten te realiseren.

18.6 Het bepaalde in leden 3, 4 en 5 van dit artikel geldt ongeacht of de gebruiker een vergoeding of beloning heeft ontvangen voor de uitgevoerde opdracht(en).

18.7 Indien bovenstaande lid 2 wordt geschonden, is Getjobsdone behoudens een boete van €1.500,- per dag op te leggen aan de betreffende partij welke de bepalingen in lid 2 schendt.

Article 19 Compliance with general user conditions and laws and regulations

In the event that the user fails to fulfill and/or comply with his obligations under these general terms and conditions of use, or the applicable laws and regulations and/or other conditions set by Getjobsdone, he is fully liable for all resulting damage, costs, consequences and claims (including including any claims from other users and all associated damage, costs and consequences), in the broadest sense of the word. The user is then obliged to compensate Getjobsdone for any damage he has incurred.

Article 20 Disputes and applicable law

20.1 If there is uncertainty regarding the interpretation of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions, the interpretation of those provision(s) must take place 'in the spirit' of these general terms and conditions.

20.2 Dutch law applies to an agreement concluded with the user. Any disputes relating to this agreement or arising from this agreement will be settled in the first instance by the competent court in the Central Netherlands district.

20.3 If part of the terms and conditions is void or voidable, this will not affect the other provisions in the general terms and conditions.

20.4 A provision that is void or voidable will in that case be replaced by a provision that comes closest to what the parties had in mind on that point.