Outsource online marketing

Are you a company and looking for help or support for your online marketing activities? Find a qualified student with advertising, analytics, social media and other online marketing skills within 3 hours on GetJobsDone.


Outsource online marketing to students

Our students with online marketing skills are ready to help. You outsource your online marketing on the basis of fixed-fee assignments, without contractual obligations.

Qualified students from all over the country are registered on our platform with marketing educations of different levels. On the student's profile you can see which study program the student is following, which year they are in, in which skills the student excels and which reviews they have received. There is always a student with the right skills that fits your assignment.


Which online marketing assignments can you outsource?

On GetJobsDone you can formulate your own assignments. Where your online marketing needs lie, you translate it into an assignment and distribute it to the students on our platform.

Would you like your website to be easier to find in Google? Then do some keyword research. With that research you can then have SEO texts written, which ensures that you get higher in Google.

Are you going to set up an action or campaign? Have a student develop the campaign. The whole world should know how great your promotion is, so you will promote it with cool social media posts and eye-catching advertisements on Facebook and Google.

To complete your campaign, you can put out assignments for a graphic designer and copywriter.

Depending on your needs, you formulate your assignment(s) and select a student based on their education, experience and skills.

Why should place a task

No contract

Assignments are carried out on the basis of an assignment agreement. There is no employment relationship between student and company, so they are not contractually bound to each other. This way you can outsource your online marketing in a non-binding way.

30% cheaper

Because we do not work with an employment or temporary employment contract, you do not pay social security charges or insurance. This saves you at least 30% on personnel costs.

Fixed fee

You put your online marketing assignments away for a fixed fee value. You determine this value yourself! So you do not have to deal with hourly wages and you never lose more than your self-determined assignment value.


These companies preceded you and outsource assignments to students.

  • Doitselfie
    DoitselfieArjan van Reenen
  • Sedumdak-online
    Sedumdak-onlineArif Ural
Fine cooperation

Good platform. Quick contact with the people of Getjobsdone. Nice way to deploy people for smaller assignments without having to deal with long contracts immediately. The students and we ourselves are not waiting for that. Keep it up!

Place your order in 4 steps

Step 1. Create an account

To place an order, you must first create an account for free.

When creating an account, we ask for your company name, address details, industry and contact details.

You can always add to your profile later. The more complete your profile, the more registrations you will receive for your assignment.

Step 2. Place order

You can easily create an assignment step by step in your dashboard.

Determine the assignment value, location and indicate a deadline. A summary of your assignment will then appear. Is all the information correct and has your assignment been completed as completely as possible? Then place your order. For placing the assignment, you pay a placement fee of 15% on the assignment value.

Tip! A job with a lot of detail will receive more submissions and perform better.

Step 3. Select a student

Students register for your assignment with a short motivation. You choose a student from the applications that best suits the assignment or your company. You can also view the profile, CV and reviews of the student here or ask questions via the built-in chat function.

After approving the student, the student and the company must sign the assignment agreement. This can easily be done digitally in the dashboard.

Step 4. Job Done!

When the assignment is completed, you leave a review on the student's profile. In case of a positive review, the assignment value will be paid to the student within 2 working days. We take care of the administrative handling! You will receive an invoice from us for outsourcing the assignment.

Repeat command? You can do this at the touch of a button in your dashboard.

Need help?

Our sales team is always ready to help you. This can be reached via ☎️ telephone or 📧 mail.

Schedule a free consultation

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Do you need help with placing or formulating your assignment? Schedule a free consultation and we will be happy to help you.

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    As a company, can I select a suitable student myself?

    Yes, you choose a suitable student from the registrations for the assignment. You can select a student based on motivation, profile and CV. This way you can check whether the student has the appropriate education and skills to perform your assignment properly.

    How do I know if the student delivers quality?

    You select a student who will work for you. Besides being able to view the student's work experience, education and skills, you can also ask for references or case studies via the built-in chat function. If a student has previously carried out assignments via the platform, you can view reviews from previous clients on the profile.

    Do I receive an invoice

    Yes, as a company you will receive two invoices. An invoice for your monthly subscription costs, including last month's placement fee and an invoice for payment of the assignment value. You do not pay VAT on this amount.