Get access to 13.500 young talents for only €1

Freebruary deal

We see that many clients experience many issues with capacity. Which makes it difficult to fill that in in the short or temporary term. This makes it difficult to achieve the set goals and the goals for 2023 are already at risk!

From GetJobsDone we have developed a tool to quickly and easily place an assignment and receive an average of 20 responses from young talents. We have collected more than 13.500 talents in different fields who can help you. This way you can continue to build your organization by focusing on the things that really matter. This will keep you on track to make 2023 a great success!


How does the deal work?

In order to introduce you to the platform in an accessible way, we have the "Freebruary" promotion during the month of February, in which you pay only € 1 subscription costs for a month. This way you can use the young talents to carry out your assignment at an affordable price.

The promotion is valid until Feb 28.