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Professionals help organizations grow by completing tasks.

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Over 5.700 tasks have been completed that would normally have been left untouched.

Scheduling tasks within a Kanban board.

In the modern business world, efficiency is everything. Whether you're leading a small team or responsible for an entire department, juggling tasks and projects can be quite challenging. This is where the Kanban task management board comes into play, completely transforming the way teams work.

Time management per task

For a clearer overview of the required time for a task, we have integrated a timer. Using this timer, you can easily track how many hours you have spent on the task.


Creating projects quickly helps you maintain focus while collaborating with your team towards a common goal. This can range from an internal development sprint to a new project for a client.

Outsource to professionals

Don't have time to complete the task yourself? You can easily outsource pending tasks through our community.

Invoicing & Agreements

When you choose to outsource a task, we handle the processing of payments and agreements. Our agreements are carefully crafted by legal experts. Payments are managed through our escrow accounts, meaning that the task is only paid upon completion and delivery.

...Waar ik de vorige keer in mijn vacature iemand marketing breed zocht, is het nu prettig om de taken op te delen. Zo kunnen we bij Greenway Logistics nu professionals inzetten specifiek voor bijvoorbeeld: ontwerp, telesales en social media, en de vacature opsplitsen in delen per expertise....

Lindsey Roos

Lindsey Roos

Greenway Logistics


Better insights

You gain a better overview of tasks across different departments of your company, enabling you to know when you can scale up.

Solving tasks with focus.

By having one central place to jot down all your ideas and tasks, you can work through your task list with complete focus.

Unlimited capacity

Through our community, you can outsource tasks directly to professionals, even during busy periods. Because we handle payments and agreements, you can fully focus on your business.



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