Create your own job

Come up with the brightest idea or the best campaign. If your idea wins, you also win a JBL Charge 5 worth € 198 and you can (if you want to) implement your idea yourself. You will be offered a flexible part-time job at One Hour for the Future to implement your plan.


How to participate

Your assignment: consider how One Hour for the Future can reach as many pupils and students as possible and make them enthusiastic to participate in meet & greets, events and other encounters with professionals?

Think about how you would achieve and approach this! The ideas are judged on impact, organizational and financial feasibility, expected reach and originality. The idea may be aimed at a specific subgroup, for example MBO students or only students or students in certain student cities.

Why you want this!

The winner gets the opportunity to actually implement his/her ideas or work for a fee. So you will be offered your self-invented side job at One Hour for the Future (carried out via GetJobsDone).

And do you want to listen to music while you work? You can with your new JBL Box!


Present your idea your way: infographic, presentation, text or video. Submit your idea no later than 11 July 2022 via

Do you have questions? Ask Elena, via


On Monday July 4 at 11:00 AM we are organizing a webinar where part of the team will be present to help you with the issue. We will tell you more about our company and the issue. There is plenty of room for questions and time to brainstorm about your ideas with (your future) colleagues.


About één uur voor de toekomst

One hour for the future is a platform on which students and pupils can easily enter into conversation with professionals from all kinds of fields. Handy if you are busy making choices for a study, specialization or your first job. We bring young people into contact with people from the field, so that they can form an idea of what their work entails.

Our target group consists of students in the upper years of secondary school (VMBO / MAVO / HAVO / VWO / gymnasium) and students at MBO / HBO / WO.

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About GetJobsDone

GetJobsDone is a platform on which companies place assignments that students perform without requiring a Chamber of Commerce registration or being under contract with the company. As a student, you choose which assignments you carry out and you get paid net!

The assignments vary in field of study, assignment value and duration; from odd jobs to side jobs for students. This way you can work flexibly and earn money alongside your studies.

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