Published on 20 juli 2021

GetJobsDone public winner MT/Sprout '25 under 25'

GetJobsDone public winner MT/Sprout '25 under 25'

GetJobsDone won the public award of all 25 entrepreneurs under 25. With more than a quarter of the more than 5,000 votes, they won the MT/Sprout award.

With the amount of votes they have proven to already have a large following, despite the fact that they have not been active for a year. Entrepreneurs Joost Hopman (23), Darryl Hopmam (25) and Jacky Fakkeldij (21) are happy and proud to have won this prize. "It's great that we won. As soon as we heard that we were on the list, we went for it' says Joost Hopman.

About the ’25 under 25’

Every year, the editors of MT/Sprout publish a list of 25 entrepreneurs under the age of 25. These entrepreneurs are young and bursting with talent and energy. With this list, MT/Sprout offers entrepreneurs a stage and publicity.