Published on 23 maart 2022

Prevent burnout among staff

Prevent burnout among staff

Burnout is caused by prolonged stress and/or tension. Stress can be caused by all kinds of factors and therefore one burnout is not the other. The complaints that come with a burnout therefore differ per person. On average, someone with burnout complaints spends 6 to 8 months at home. Both employer and employee are absolutely not waiting for this. That is why we tell you how burnout due to (work) stress can be prevented.

Burnout due to work stress

Because everyone experiences stress from different things, a burnout can never be completely prevented. Yet work stress is one of the common forms of stress that causes burnout.

The most common form of work stress is a high work pressure. This is followed by too many distractions/stimulus and an unsafe working environment. A high workload is good for the productivity and motivation of employees, but can also break them down in the long run and cause too much stress.

Overworked labor market

We are dealing with a strained labor market. This means that there are more vacancies available than there are unemployed. Simply put, the demand for labor is greater than the supply. This is one of the causes of a high workload. Employers have difficulty finding new staff, which increases the workload of current staff. This situation has been going on for some time and is only likely to get worse. Employees who experience stress from this will therefore also experience this for a long time. In other words; a higher risk of burnout.

Reduce work pressure

But how do you reduce the workload if there are simply no additional employees or cannot be found? This can of course be done by dropping part of the work, but this can have negative consequences for turnover or business operations. A better solution is to outsource certain tasks, so that your own employees experience less work pressure. This can be done, for example, by using students. Students have an average of 42 hours of free time per week (CBS). Time that they can use to unburden your employees! Moreover, students can earn a nice pocket money and gain relevant work experience.

Deploy students in your company

Employing students is an ideal solution to this common problem. Students are cheaper, but no less good. They are the professionals of the future and have a fresh look because they are still fully immersed in the material.

How do I find suitable students?

More than 5,000 students are registered on GetJobsDone. GetJobsDone is a platform that brings companies and students together. Students work for companies without (temporary) contracts and on the basis of fixed-fee assignments. This way you do not pay the student per hour, but for the output delivered. From the registrations for your assignment, you select a candidate that fits the assignment or your company. Assess the student based on CV, motivation and reviews. The student gets to work for you and takes on the tasks that relieve your employees.

Want to know more or do you have questions? Contact us or schedule a consultation and we will see how we can support your organization and staff with the efforts of students.