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Kim Wijmans

Kim Wijnands

HBO Marketing & Communication

"I am Kim, a second-year Marketing & Communication student at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. During my studies I would like to develop within my field. Through GetJobsDone I can develop myself by carrying out various assignments for different companies. For example, I have contacted companies under others have already helped manage social media, write blogs and perform an SEO analysis."

Have your social media managed by Kim or one of the other 13.500+ students.

Tarkan Celik

Tarkan Celik

HBO Commercial Economics

"I am studying Commercial Economics at Hogeschool Utrecht. In my first year I learned a lot about making contact with new customers. I immediately wanted to put that knowledge into practice. As a result, I now regularly carry out sales assignments for various companies. I also used to live in Germany for a number of years, so I now regularly carry out translation assignments for companies."

Annabel van Weeten

Annabel van Weeten

HBO Accounting

“I like working with numbers and I already have a lot of experience in keeping records. Before this I had a part-time job at an administration office, but I could no longer combine working 3 fixed days a week with my studies. Now I do administration assignments for various companies via GetJobsDone. Because I usually finish this quickly, I always enjoy sparring with the entrepreneur after the assignment.”

Olaf Meulemanse

Olaf Meulemanse

MBO Software Developer

“I'm Olaf and I'm training as a Software Developer at the MBO college Zuidoost in Amsterdam. During my studies we learn the basics of programming and in my spare time I watch a lot of videos to gain even more knowledge. I then apply that knowledge by working on my own app in the evenings. Besides my school I have a lot of time left that I like to spend helping companies with development tasks. For example, I have already created several landing pages for various companies and I am in the process of reprogramming a website. I prefer to program in the languages of Javascript and Python, but I am also familiar with easy tools such as Wordpress.”

Alicia Maron

Alice Maron

Bachelor of International Business Administration

“I'm Alicia and I'm currently studying at Tilburg University. Here I follow the International Business Administration course. I am currently in my last year, so I am looking to enrich my CV. Because of this I regularly do assignments in the direction of data analysis. For example, I am currently working at a company with various excel activities to properly record the data and make it measurable. In addition to excel, I am specialized in analyzing data in SPSS. Because of my international studies, I also do a lot of translations, which means I can quickly earn some extra money.”

Melissa van Uden

Melissa VanUden

Bachelor of Law

This year I am in my last year of my law studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I like to gain study-related experience, especially because then I can taste the atmosphere at different types of offices and see what suits me best. I have already carried out various assignments on GetJobsDone, such as drafting general terms and conditions or privacy statements on websites and checking employment contracts.